Scottish pop-punks Woes make a grand return today, unveiling their anthemic new single and accompanying video, ‘Suburbs’. Produced by Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, WSTR, Roam), the track debuts the addition of guitarist Luke Bovill to the band and captures Woes’ meticulous ear for melodies and colossal hooks.

“’Suburbs’ was the first track we wrote when Luke joined the band. The song is about having a relationship with someone, in your home town or wherever. Then moving away and losing contact with them and wondering what they’re up to, if they’re still there [and] if you went back if they’d be pleased to see you.”

With the return of ‘Suburbs’, the band ensure that they are more than just a one trick pony. Taking pop-punk to new heights by embracing their love of pop, hip hop and R&B, and using elements from these genres in their sound, Woes prove that they are here to stay.

There is definitely a conscious effort to start expanding our sound, to bring in different instruments and elements that we haven’t used before,” says DJ. “We love loads of modern hip hop and RnB, which is something we plan to explore more in 2019. We also like incorporating math-rock and prog chords and progressions into our instrumentals… But we still want that pop punk energy live”.

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