REAL FRIENDS can now announce the release of their new single ‘Scared To Be Alone’, as well as reveal a brand new video.

A bit more on the song from bass player, Kyle Fasel – “Scared To Be Alone” was a song that stood out to us very early on. I remember when we wrote it, the song just hit me. It didn’t sound like any of our other songs, yet it still sounded right for us. We tried a different approach in the beginning of the song with a darker sound. And then in the chorus we totally dug into our Jimmy Eat World influence.

The lyrical content of the song is about my mom. So it hits pretty close to home for me. My mom and I have a great relationship. But over the past few years she has put herself in some situations that she doesn’t deserve. It’s hard to watch someone you love make bad decisions. All you want to do is help but you can’t seem to get through to them. I think that’s something we will all deal with in life. It’s real hard but I’m glad to make a positive out of the situation by writing about it.

We shot the music video in Louisville, KY. Max Moore, the director, really understands our branding and vibe. The brand of the band is very important to us. We want all of our album art, music videos, and all that be very cohesive. Max really nailed it with this one. The music video even ties in with the album art. We love that.”

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