Nashville, TN garage rock 4-piece Step Sisters will self-release their debut EP, ‘Thick’ on February 26.

The EP is available for pre-order here.

A track titled “Vox Pop” is premiered today on No Country For New Nashville(“With poppy, punk-tinged hooks fused with fuzzy, garage rock riffs, the hypnotic track has us already penciling in a spot on our Best of 2016 list in anticipation of the album.”)

Step Sisters was born in a basement and baptized in a neon cathedral where the holy water is poured by the pint. As their name implies, this Nashville-based quartet shares no blood, yet their cohesion suggests a placental sharing in the womb of rock and roll.

As the summer of 2014 blazed, Step Sisters cut the umbilical cord and began fashioning their version of raw & heavy, where cyclonic rhythms driven by maniacal drums and face-melting fuzz bass tumble amongst caustic guitars and ominous voices. An impressive growth spurt landed the Sisters in an undisclosed warehouse locale, to record their debut EP, ‘Thick.’ An EP that demonstrates a sonic scope and ingenuity that may come to define the group. In the wake of this early 2016 release, Step Sisters will be found in and out of Nashville, wrecking necks and ear drums alike. Behold, the birth of Step Sisters!

Tour Dates

Jan. 14th – Foobar Too – Nashville, TN

Jan. 19th – Foobar Too – Nashville, TN

Feb. 10th – Foobar Too – Nashville, TN (w/ Uzi, BUHU)

Feb. 26th – The Basment – Nashville, TN (“THICK” Release Party) (w/ Reality Something, Heinous Orca)

Feb. 27th – Preservation Pub – Knoxville, TN (w/ Chew)

step sisters thick cover

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