The latest turn from KEN mode will take many by surprise. The Winnipeg, Canada trio can announce that their next album is titled Success, and is a bold move towards sounds that inspired them at their beginning sixteen years ago, and now doubly so on their sixth full-length, which will see release on June 19th in Australia (Season Of Mist/Rocket).

Recorded with legendary engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, the Jesus Lizard, PJ Harvey and so many more) to capture the material in a fully live and analog session in the band’s hometown in November 2014,
brought to fruition is the most raw, rock and roll sound the band has ever put forth.

Today we are pleased to share the video for album opener “Blessed”, a song which features no guitar, only bass, and that’s not all it features either, this Christopher Mills (Tegan & Sara, Rush, Metric, Modest Mouse, etc) directed video boasts appearances from guest vocalist Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), guest cello by Natanielle Felicitas, and guest noise by Dylan Walker (Full of Hell).


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