Melbourne’s alternative rock trio, Future Static, are exploding into 2020 with their fiercest offering to date with brand new single “Choke“. Representing the first taste of a new era for Future Static, “Choke” comes as the first single from upcoming ‘Fatalist‘ EP, the counteracted response to their previously cathartic, clarity chasing EP ‘Want‘. 

“Choke” takes theme from the constant fear that every good thing is temporary. Vocalist Bri Marsh explains that “believing that you don’t deserve good things creates self-sabotage. ‘Choking on the smoke’ of a fire you lit yourself, believing that even if you didn’t, it would have crashed and burned anyway. “

Future Static are gearing up to release their biggest, boldest, heaviest release yet, with the next single ready and waiting in the wings ready for detonation. Until then, “Choke” is available now to stream and purchase at all good online outlets and streaming platforms!

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