With thousands of record sales under their belt and the worlds biggest heavy music festivals in the experience section of their CV, it’s no secret that Melbourne band Clowns have taken an Australian flag, set it aflame and are well and truly flying it flippantly the world over! Today they tease their 4th studio record Nature/Nurture with new single ‘Prick’, announce their own flavour of hot sauce and reveal that they have joined renowned punk label Fat Wreck Chords internationally while expanding their DIY booking agency Damagedinto a record label within Aussie borders.

Clowns career has been a scenic railway spanning just shy of a decade, and the rollercoaster carriage is currently winding up once more with one of the rides biggest drops imminently waiting as they announce a recently signed deal to join esteemed punk label Fat Wreck Chords as their international releasing partners. It’s an exciting time for Clowns as they become the second ever Australian band in 28 years to join the Fat Wreck Chords family alongside some of the most famed and influential punk heavyweights such as NOFX, Descendents, Lagwagon and Against Me! among many, many more. As for Australia and New Zealand, Clowns are also proud and happy to announce that their company ‘Damaged’ will be expanding into the business of records with Nature/Nurture being their first release on the newly established label, Clowns singer Stevie Williams has this to say –

“Clowns have been a fiercely DIY band from day dot. We wanna set an example to other Aussie punk musos that if you want to play in a band, you can still just siphon the petrol from your neighbours car, drive 10 hours up the road to a gig with no accommodation, somehow make it work along the way and even though it might take you a few years, eventually you’ll get to where you want to be. We drive our own tour van, we book our own shows, we do our own illegal poster runs and now we release our own records. Thanks to everyone who continues to support our little DIY punk homages.”

Nature/Nurture, set for release on April 12, is undoubtedly Clowns spiciest record yet! Which is why they have collaborated with Gold Coast based, award winning, family owned and family run hot sauce company Punk Rock Peppers to create the perfect flavour to accompany the hot and tasty 11 track record. Clowns ‘May I Be Extinguished?’ hot sauce is available only with the pre-order of their next record, and combines opposing flavours of habanero and lime, representative of the Nature/Nurture theme. All bottles are individually numbered and feature wax dipped caps for preservation, and did we mention that Punk Rock Peppers won 1st prize in the World Hot Sauce Awards in 2017? You are going to want to put this stuff in your mouth… pre-order here

As we wait for April 12 to roll over, Clowns have left us with their latest track ‘Prick’, a 2-minute punk jam in classic Clowns style, with a guest performance from Nikki Brumen of Pagan. If you’ve ever loved a band until you met them and realised they are a bunch of wankers, then this song is for you. It’s pretty much an ode to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being within a 10-meter radius of Clowns guitarist Rod Goon. Enjoy!


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