Novacastrian Hardcore outfit Liberties are today announcing the release of their Broken EP on April 5, along with the drop of their new single and videoclip ‘Crooked States’! The new EP is available to Pre-Order now at and single Crooked States is available now for sale and streaming on all good digital stores and streaming outlets.

Guitarist, Amy McIntosh, (who pull double duties on Guitar for The Beautiful Monument), said that this new EP, Broken, “…can be summed up with the word frustration. ‘Broken’ touches on topics ranging from personal tragedies, mental and physical fatigue all the way through to the current political climate both at home and abroad.”

Vocalist Ciaran Colgan, says that the new single Crooked States “…is about our society – how the average person in told one thing while those in power are doing something completely opposite. I wanted to write something that shows what we have witnessed as a world economy over the last odd decade and ask the question, it this really what we are happy to let continue?”

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