White Fang shred in the name of tequila, tacos, weed and beer, and their lastest video clip, ‘Bong Rip’ is a testament to that. The band from the nation of Taco Bell, Mt Rushmore, Area 51, Roswell and Chick-Fil-A are headed to the land of kangaroos, koalas and “shrimp” for the first time ever, bringing with them their alter-egos of The Memories with them, for a special one-off show in Melbourne!

White Fang are dudes of many facets; it extends to, but not limited to The Memories, while ringleader Rikky Gage moonlights as the owner of the dirt-chic cassette label, Gnar Tapes and fronts solo project Free Weed; he even created the hit “Must Be BRGRTV’ theme song for Burger Records. And then there’s guitarist Chris, aka Unkle Funkle who produces surreal and often hilarious music under his pseudonym, drummer, Jerry Rogers with his side-project and bassist, Izak of Portland band, BOOM! fame.

Self-appointed as “the stupidest band on the planet”, White Fang are neck-deep in 1980s thrash punk; they write catchy as hell, two minute songs where the titles say it all; ‘High On Life’, ‘Grateful To Shred’, ‘Portland Sucks’, ‘Cant Find My Weed’… you get the idea.

While their song titles are direct, their lyrics are unabashedly sappy and at the same time incisive. Their self-indulgent grins shine through on their mounting back catalogue. White Fang embody the most idealistic aspects of the American Dream. They’re driven. They’re self-made. They’re constantly getting better. They make up the rules and defy expectations as they go.

The band’s go-wild, party-rock live show, complete with visual exhibitionism has drawn audiences around the world and finally for the first time ever, they’ll be bringing their renegade spirit to Australia to “eat shrimp, see kangaroos, play insane shows and get as drunk as possible”.

The tour comes ahead of White Fang’s eighth LP release ‘CHUNKS’ and follows on from their previous phenomenally named albums like ‘Positive Feedback’, ‘Full Time Freaks’ and ‘High Expectations’.



Sat, Sept 26Secret Party, Marrickville NSW
with Mesa Cosa, Black Zeros, Brain Zaps, Heavy Lids

Sun, Sept 27Sounds Of The Suburbs Festival, Sydney NSW

Thur, Oct 1The Curtin, Melbourne VIC*
with Mighty Boys, LAZERTITS, Going Swimming

Fri, Oct 2Chopped Festival, Newstead VIC

Sat, Oct 3  – The Eastern Hotel, Ballarat VIC
with LL GoonsMourning


The Memories will play
Tuesday 29th September @ The Old Bar, Fitzroy
with Empat Lima and Fuzzsucker

White Fang Tour poster

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