After making a ton of noise in 2018, WAAX are back in a big way in 2019 with their new single – ‘FU’ – out now.

A study in honesty and contained intensity, ‘FU’ documents the very point WAAX moved beyond their initial genesis grounded in punk rock into an arena where they feel ready to embrace all the influences that make up the entire sum of their parts. More than anything, the song is uncompromising in its lyrical intent – wearing its anger on its sleeve in the form of a majestically dark, hooky, and riff-laden rock song, which will inevitably slide its way into your consciousness well before it delivers its weighty message. 

Boasting signature searing guitar lines and an undeniably anthemic chorus, ‘FU’ makes its biggest stand as a showcase of frontwoman Maz De Vita at her powerhouse vocal best. Meanwhile, the song’s short, sharp, one-two punch title serves as the perfect descriptor for the weight with which the music and the words land.

“This song is about a situation with someone in your life who is taking advantage of you and finally having to acknowledge reality and stand up to them,” explains De Vita. “I hope it’s as cathartic for the listener as it was to write.”

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