Sydney’s instrumental math-rock band SEIMS is set to release their EP ‘3.1’, a follow-up to 2017’s math-rock masterpiece ‘3’, on March 29th. In anticipation the band will be dropping their first single, ‘Translucence’, on Friday March 1st which will give fans their first taste of the luminance-inspired EP. ‘3.1’ will see its release into the world on Friday March 29. All pre-order information can be found

3.1 is a continuation of the concept album of “3” in the way that the third album explored the CMYK relationship, summing Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, where 3.1 focuses on luminance and the relationship of light within the colour spectrum. Imperfect Black closes 3 – and Absolute Black picks up right where it left off with it’s immediate drop and wall of sound, shifting through various modes, until the subtle key and tempo changes in the outro – starting the luminance journey. 

Front man and multi instrumentalist Simeon Bartholomew spoke about the thought process behind the new single. “Translucence is all about the passage between” he said. “[It begins] lost and struggling to find its way out of the absolute black, until we find our feet towards the big middle section of that song – then leading into pure Clarity – the 7/4 banger that’s all about seeing this one motif through right to end – almost heading ‘towards the light’ with that giant mess it finishes on.

To compliment Translucence, the track will drop with its gorgeous music video. The band paired up with contemporary dancer Angela Hamilton, known for her award-winning Opus, to choreograph and dance to the music following the translucence journey from the first song on the EP, Absolute Black, to the final track, Clarity.

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