England’s most dangerous geezer punk duo, Slaves, are back with their brand-new video for ‘Cheer Up London.’

Taking the song’s title literally, the video sees the Kent duo of Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent launch a fun riot around London, transforming a heated road rage incident into a New Orleans-style street party. Released just days ago, the manic one-shot marathon has clocked over 100,000 views, as a growing legion of fans get caught on Slaves’ jagged sound.


The video follows on from the stellar lead single ‘The Hunter,’ which gave everyone that heard it a violent shake as to what they could expect from their brilliant new LP Are You Satisfied? which is set for release on May 29.

Making a brutal cacophony of sounds for just two blokes, years of dragging themselves around the lesser known boozers and venues of the British toilet circuit to play any gig they were allowed into is finally paying off for the band in 2015.

They have been on the BBC Radio 1 playlist, featured heavily during Radio 1 Rock Week, been featured in NME and Noisey, supported Jamie T and just wrapped up the NME 2015 tour joining Palma Violets, Fat White Family & More.

It’s time to wrap your ears around the stabbing guitars and grievous bodily beats of Slaves before they sneak up behind you and it’s all too late.

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