Today, Australia’s influential punk icons The Meanies have officially released their new studio album, Desperate Measures, while also sharing a new single and video for ‘Monsters’.

Desperate Measures is the first album from the legendary outfit in five years, since their comeback record, It’s Not Me, It’s You, reignited Australia’s longstanding love affair with the significant punk-rock outfit.

New single ‘Monsters’ marks as one of the more politically charged tracks on the album, detailing how monsters are all around us, constructed by powerful people with dogged agendas.

“Monsters are created as fodder for emaciated egos, created as distractions or tools for politicians to get re-elected. Fuck their idealism; it’s the enemy of art and the enemy of us all,” says Link.

“However monsters created, they are a sign that we still have our training wheels on evolutionarily speaking, and need to be hyper aware and super vigilant of our fragile interactions. There are no gods that walk the earth.”

The Meanies new record Desperate Measures is available now via Cheersquad Records and Tapes

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