One of Australia’s most prominent up and coming acts, Glass Ocean have fast become key players on the global progressive scene. Today, the band release the video for third single, Bolero, from their highly anticipated debut album, The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else which will be released on August 21.

The track is dialled back and more sublime than the albums first two singles. Showcasing Glass Ocean’s ability to intertwine soulful groove, restrained passion and an almost 80’s power-pop ballad feel.

Vocalist, Tobias Atkins says of the video; “During the shooting of the video for ‘Bolero’, the country was right in the midst of its strictest lockdown measures. This made production requirements difficult to obtain. The silver lining was a chance to get creative with minimal tools, crew and sets. So my mum and I used what we could under the corona restrictions to come up with something we were really happy with. Along with the amazing editing skills of our chief of visual ‘Adrian Goleby’ we ended up with something simple and vibrant.”

The album is available for pre order now!

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