Tarzan is a much loved character that we are all familiar with. This time around he’s being played by Alexander Skarsgard who rose to fame from the TV series True Blood. His love interest Jane is played by Australian actress Margot Robbie who has now become well know for playing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

The story is set around Tarzan being lured into returning to the jungle after spending ten years away. Whilst their his primal instincts return as he sets outs to rescue his wife from the evil clutches of Leon Rom who is played by Christopher Waltz.

This movie is truly enhanced when watching on 3D Blu-Ray. There are many jungle and action sequences that will fully immerse you and make you feel like you’re in the Congo with Tarzan. The Blu-Ray also boasts many special features including how they were able to create the stunning visual effects.

Alexander was a perfect fit for Tarzan and Margot provides a strong female lead and shows why her star power is on the rise in Hollywood. All in all The Legend of Tarzan is pure escapism. Although the script may be a little lacking in character depth this is well and truly made up for in the CGI and special effects used throughout.

SCORE – 7/10

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