Lights Out is a horror movie from James Wan the director famous for The Conjuring. Lights out plays on many of our darkest fears growing up being afraid of the dark. The female lead role is played by one of our personal favourites Australian actress Teresa Palmer.

Without giving too much away the movie is based around what supernatural and creepy occurrences happens when it’s dark to Teresa’s character and her family. This movie will play on your mind and have you questioning noises you hear in the dark. Teresa is brilliantly cast giving a real portrayal of fear to the film.

The Blu-Ray version of the movie looks hauntingly good and takes you a little further into the dark by providing deleted scenes.

To sum in up Lights Out is a must see for any horror fan. Whilst a lot of horror films rely on gore it was refreshing to see the use of psychological scare tactics in this one. For the full edge of your seat maximum scare experience we recommend watching it at nights with the lights out.

SCORE – 7/10

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