Brisbane’s The Jensens have been combining alternative rock, with groovy surf-rock sounds since their formation in 2013. Late last year the band gave y’all the first taste of their follow-up EP, with lead single (and namesake of debut EP) ‘Everybody Talks’.

The track is breezy, guitar heavy and a considered call and response focusing on the idea of the confusion between desire, need and wants. The band explain this: “It’s about wilfully denying yourself of something instinctual, as well as the magnetism of desire. An internal argument of wanting love, but having no more time you’re prepared to give. It’s about sex being both a vital shared experience and a temporary distraction of a life otherwise lived at existential breaking point. And how pursuing that experience, is to enter a world of sacrifice and convention. It’s about appreciating the fact that your mind has been trained to feed you the notion of significance, by way of the libido, but ultimately questioning the necessity of all of it.”

Sexless was recorded at the exact same time as the previously released Everybody Talks in Brisbane’s Plutonium studio with Steven Kempnich and the fellas on producing duties. Even with the foresight of releasing separately, the band had designed both EP’s to be played simultaneously, as one collective experience. The bands first single ‘Everybody Talks’ was named before the release of the previous EP and, in a sense, is a nod to the unseen future, but also a way of connecting and entwining the two projects.

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