Sydney atmospheric black metal band, Somnium Nox will release their highly anticipated full length debut album, Terra Inanis on May 15.

The album consists of three monolithic tracks that weave together to create an otherworldly atmosphere completely representing the album title – Terra (earth) Inanis (empty,) Immense, stark, ambient, isolating and incredibly dense soundtracks.

Incorporating didgeridoo, Somnium Nox move black metal into new and uncharted territory. Taking the listener on an oscillating trip between varying states of consciousness through their music’s transcendental qualities.

This is atmospheric black metal that is deeper than most. Stirring up emotions that were thought to be non existent and affecting the listener on a cerebral and also subliminal level. Listening to Terra Inanis causes an emotional purge; a deep soul cleansing via the evocation of sounds from an ancient culture, the natural world and other realms.

Somnium Nox will be taking Terra Inanis on the road this April. Joining them on all dates are NSW Southern Highland masters of bleakness, Norse


April 1: The Basement, Canberra
April 8: The Vault, Newcastle
April 22: The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
May 13: The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne

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