FAITH NO MORE are back. Back in Australia AND back with brand new music, the first since 1997! Sol Invictus is their brand new record out in May, and tonight you’re gonna find out all about it.

When I was growing up my parents made me learn piano. So when I first heard Faith No More’s album The Real Thing along with the amazing vocals and thrashlicious guitars it was Roddy Bottum’s keyboards my ears dragged me towards. I’ve already chatted to Mike Patton a couple of times for some of his approximately 1400 other projects, so I was stoked to get Roddy on the phone to chat about making new music, settling old scores, and of course coming to Australia.

“Yeah It is exciting to come back, it’s been a long time. Seeing all the same bands at every show was a cozy vibe. It was an interesting family camp envirionment, and I liked it.” – Roddy Bottum

Faith No More have been playing 3 new tunes at their recent gigs, and as for the rest of the setlist. “I think we’ll go back to our roots, which is a place we like to go these days.”- Roddy Bottum

So prepare yourself for Mr Roddy Bottum to tell you a bunch of stuff about where FAITH NO MORE is at, with their new label, new outlook and their first new music in almost 2 decades. Including of course that first amazing track “Motherfucker”. You’ll also find out what Roddy means when he says “It’s a fucked up world, it’s not a beautiful world. It’s totally messy. I love it when it gets messy”…

HEAD TO this Sunday to hear the interview in full.

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