SCENEzine: Firstly thank you for talking to SCENEzine. How has 2015 been for you so far?

Tobin: Fucking awesome I mean really the best ever I couldn’t be more excited and stoked. The tour we just did in the states was amazing the reception for the new record has been amazing. I really couldn’t ask for anything more man there is a really good vibe surrounding us right now. I am excited for the rest of the year and to tour world wide

SCENEzine: You have just released your new album FEAR. It’s incredible we have it on high rotation in the office.
For the album you actually went into the studio without any songs, how was that process?

Tobin:  Yeah when we walked into the studio everyone was pretty nervous except myself I’m pretty confident when I walk into the studio. I love being in the studio I call it the lab ya know I love the creative challenge of writing songs and arranging and piecing it together. Coming up with new ideas that is my favourite thing to do but for everyone else they were a little apprehensive about going in there and doing it. Especially since we were working with new people Kevin Churco and Kane Churco and we just hit it off right off the bat with those guys. They know how to make a great sounding rock record and we worked very well together.

After we finished the first song on our first day we literally wrote the song had this idea, wrote it and recorded it at the same time. When we listened to everything back when it was done it was just a matter of us going hey now we just do this 12 more times and we have got ourselves a record and were done. So we did it and got our confidence back.

SCENEzine: Your epic new video for Face Everything And Rise is very Apocalyptic themed and feels Mad Max inspired. Was it a fun video to shoot? Where was it shot?

Tobin: We shot that like I think in the Mojave dessert a couple of hours outside of Los Angles. Jakobe came up with the concept whilst we were recording the record in Las Vegas. He was hanging out in the dessert it’s super cool. We are really involed in everything we do, directing the videos, doing the artwork, reaching out to our fans on social media its really exciting and it just feels like we are doing this all independent. By having total control of the business and the creative and everything it’s just more genuine Papa roach

SCENEzine: How did having Maria Brink of In This Moment and Royce Da 5 9 on the album come about?

Tobin: Man that worked out beautifully they were in the studio at the same time working with Kevin Churco as well. So when we found out they were coming in we felt it was an awesome opportunity to get some collaboration going. We had this song “gravity” and it worked out perfect for her to come in and just sing from the female perspective telling the story. We go way back with Maria we are actually shooting a video for that song.

With Royce it was a matter of us just sending him the song and having him do his thing on it. Once we did we were like cool we got Royce Da 5 9 on the album we are like huge fans ya know.

SCENEzine: Do you have a favourite track from the new  album you like playing live ?

Tobin: Right now we are playing just “broken as me”. I am really excited about playing “falling apart” live. We are going to do some tours in the  states with In This Moment and that’s going to be cool to start playing “gravity” live

SCENEzine: It’s not long until Papa Roach will finally be back in Australia for Soundwave. Are you excited about coming? And is there any reason why it’s been so long to get back down under?

Tobin: We have wanted to come play Soundwaves for a long time but the timing hadn’t worked out with our touring schedule. So now is the perfect time. We want to come back and out and put our foot in the door and leave our mark. Make it so we can come back as much as possible

SCENEzine: You must have a lot of mates coming for Soundwave are there any bands your looking forward to catching up with or even just watching live?

Tobin: I am always excited to see Faith No More, Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins that is the music I grew up on so totally excited about that. I know there are some new younger bands that are going to be there and I’d  really like to go out and listen to all the bands.

SCENEzine: We were lucky enough to see Papa Roach kill it at Download festival 2013 even during the pouring rain. Do you guys prefer festivals or club shows?

Tobin: I like it all. My favourite thing would be when we play our own headlining shows. We really get to be adventurous with our set list but getting up on stage and smashing out a quick set at a festival is always fun too. Playing in front of massive crowds having everyone jumping up and down that’s a great feeling aint nothing like a Papa Roach show though.

SCENEzine: Do you have any fond memories of your previous Australian tour with Red Hot Chilli Peppers?

Tobin: Honestly playing with those guys was such a dream come true for me. That was the band that heavily influenced me very early on when I was learning how to play bass and guitar. Standing on the side of stage watching John Frusciante rip solos man I think I cried.

SCENEzine: Papa Roach fan base is very passionate and loyal. How do you feel when fans tell you that your music inspires them and helps them out of dark times?

Tobin:It just gives us that sense of purpose man it just makes everything we do and the sacrifices we make just that much more meaningful.

SCENEzine: What do you like to do when your not touring to keep you sane?

Tobin: I like to work out, I like to go running hiking, doing cross fit. I also enjoy going on picnics with my wife and kid. I like to kick back drink wine and eat cheese, just doing weird shit like that. Watch football and keep it simple.

SCENEzine: speaking of football how did you feel about that last play of the Superbowl ?

Tobin: I was so excited I couldn’t ask for anything more. I really didn’t want the Seahawks to win. I was rooting for the Patriots and pleasantly surprised but so glad the Seahawks lost I am a 9ers fan so ya know.

SCENEzine: After Soundwave Papa Roach will be touring UK and playing Welcome to  Rockville USA any chance you might make it back down under for your own headline tour later in the year?

Tobin: Probably not to Australia because we are about to go everywhere all over the world but are going to try and make it a point to come back next year.

SCENEzine: Lastly thank you for your time. Any last message for your Australian fans?

Tobin: Thanks for waiting for us to come back. We are super excited, we are going to rip it up and really leave our mark. If you haven’t listened to the new record I highly recommend you still come to the show. Take a listen to FEAR I don’t care how you listen to it. Buy it, download it, Spotify, Vinyl or steal it from your friends I don’t give a fuck just listen to it feel it and getting something from it.

Papa Roach – Face Everything And Rise (official video)

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