The Dandy Warhols are excited to share a video for their single “You Are Killing Me.” The video stars Joe Dallesandro, who is best known for starring in Andy Warhol films. Dellesandro – who also graced the cover of Rolling Stone in 1971 – has rarely appeared on camera in the last 20 years making his involvement all the more exciting.  “You Are Killing Me”


The video was directed by Mark Helfrich who notes “The concept for the video came out of Courtney’s desire to have a film featuring not only Joe Dallesandro, but furries as well. I thought Joe had the perfect look for a Film Noir setting. So I came up with a trippy treatment and everybody signed off on it. The day before shooting I got a message that Zia was flying to Los Angeles because she wanted to be the Bunny! So Zia’s the Bunny. I was thrilled to work with the iconic Joe Dallasandro. He hasn’t acted much in the past couple of decades, but he wanted to do this project because he digs the Dandy Warhols. It was an honor to direct him. ”

The video is the perfect accompaniment to the release of the band’s new album Distortland today .

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