One week out from the release of the landmark pop rock act’s new album ‘Distortland’, THE DANDY WARHOLS premiered single ‘Catcher In The Rye’via Double J last week before unveiling their entire ninth LP on Pandora today. The album is now available for pre-order online.


From tracks like the lead single, “You Are Killing Me” to the lanky swing of “All The Girls In London,” the Dandy’s might use distortion as a tool – but there is deep undercurrent of a thrilling, euphorically melodic dream that they came to love (and define) in the early nineties that is perfectly, pristinely clear. It’s all the rage to reinterpret that era in a distant, shoegazy sort of presentation, but what the Dandy’s do on Distortland is a far more focused presentation of how that decade’s subtle, mischievous influence shaped their music – but now with a point of view that looks forward and not back.

Perhaps part of that is owed to lean, clean mixing from Jim Lowe – best known for his work with Taylor Swift and Beyonce.  “We record very dirty, so having a clean mixer is great,” says Taylor-Taylor, who self-produced the Dandy’s records and begins by laying tracks onto a 80s cassette recorder. But don’t fret: “the record is still loaded with dirt, it’s just well organized dirt.”  

Distortland hits shelves in Australia thanks to Cooking Vinyl and Dine Alone Records on April 8th.

The Dandy Warhols returned after twenty years to the hallowed embrace of Austin’s SxSW earlier this month, nailing new material before an expectant crowd at the Dine Alone Records conference showcase. Always a huge hit with Australian fans, their last trip down south sold out in incredible time and yielded five Corner Hotel dates in Melbourne.


Out April 8 via Dine Alone/ Cooking Vinyl Australia

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