Stray From The Path have released ‘Badge & A Bullet Part II’ which is the second single from their forthcoming album Subliminal Criminals, out on August 14 via UNFD.

‘Badge & A Bullet Part II’ is a politically charged statement full of passion and aggression – something that Stray From The Path are well known and respected for.

“Badge 2 is a necessity.” states guitarist Tom Williams. “When we released part 1, everything got extremely intense in the relationship between civilians and law enforcement. So the way we saw it was, if they aren’t done, we aren’t done. We co-wrote the lyrics to this song with Jesse from Stick To Your Guns. We share the same opinion on the state of law enforcement, and it was awesome to collaborate with him.

The message is clear….when it comes down to it, we want cops, judges, DA’s and supporters of those three positions to ask themselves….which side are you walking on?”

Check out the lyric video for ‘Badge & A Bullet Part II’

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