After premiereing on triple j‘s Short.Fast.Loud, Sydney-based pop-punk quintet SoSo have returned with their rambunctious follow up single ‘(Shit) Love Story’ – produced by Stevie Knight (Stand AtlanticYours TrulyRedHook).

Opening with jagged guitars, intense drums and the heartfelt vocals of lead singer Rhys de Burgh, ‘(Shit) Love Story’ serves up an explosive three minutes of passionately driven pop-punk. The track is full to the brim with sing-a-long choruses and ecstatic verses, bursting with the kind of angst and raw emotion that wouldn’t be out of place on a Vans Warped Tour stage. This leads to a frenetic outro, as the tempo rises and the band launches into the tracks monumental conclusion.

Rhys talks about the meaning behind ‘(Shit) Love Story’:

“About 6-7 years ago I was in a relationship with someone that I saw myself being with for a lifetime. When she ended it out of nowhere, it did some serious damage emotionally, some of which I’m still dealing with. It’s about me coming to terms with what happened and trying to figure out why the hell I’m still so caught up on something from so long ago (hence the ‘sorry, just a shit love story’ lyric). The end of the track is a bit of a resolve – me beginning to understand that she’s a different person now. I’ve grown over the years whereas, she’s stayed the same and whatever we were originally never would or could be again.”

Click to stream ‘(Shit) Love Story’

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