Iconic indie rock/pop 4-piece Custard – comprised of David McCormack, Glenn Thompson, Paul Medew and Matthew Strong – have released their new album, ‘Respect All Lifeforms’.

The 11 track long player is home to singles “Funky Again” and “The Min Min Lights”.  Download / stream / buy HERE.

Witty, whimsical and whip-smart, Respect All Lifeformsis both a timeless collection and a record for our times, with wry observations on the world we find ourselves living in: “These are the days that the mathematicians feared” (‘Funky Again’).“It helps to stick together” (‘A Cat Called No’). “I think there’s a more equitable system, I don’t think it’s called capitalism” (‘Talkative Town’). “Will we ever be that funky again?” (‘Funky Again’).

They say the storm might last all through December,” David notes in the reflective closing cut, ‘Come Tuesday’. “Stay the course and you’ll be rightStay the course and you’ll survive.”

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