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Simon Pegg Writing Star trek 3

Scottish born actor Simon Pegg will not only be starring in the new Star Trek film, but he will also be co-writing it. Reports are coming through that Pegg, who stars as the Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott in the franchise will be co-writing this installment with Doug Jung, the creator of the TV series “Dark […]

The Blob Gets A Remake

The 1958 cult horror film, The Blob is getting a remake! Set to be directed by Simon West ( The Mechanic, Expendables 2) the film will be produced by Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten. The original film starred a young Steve McQueen, with the story set in Downington PA, where a jelly like creature emerges […]

Slates Tour In Feburary

Hailing from the cold, industrial city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, Slates are a straight up punk band. Not fashion driven, screaming for the sake of it, look at my tattoos, scene punk – but real, gritty, we live in this city and it lives in us, straight up no bullshit punk. They are 100% […]

Powers TV Show to Premiere

Powers, the new Playstation Network’s original series is set to premiere on March 10th. The announcement was made by Brian Bendis, creator of the Powers comic books which the series will be set. Bendis will also serve as executive producer. The first 3 episodes of the 10 episode series will be available March 10th, followed […]