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Diminish The Gods Released Video for Prionic Embrace

Sydney technical/progressive death metallers Diminish The Gods have released their new video for Prionic Embrace. Watch it now: Diminish The Gods have forged a sound of their own. Technical melodic patterns intertwine in chaotic progression before plunging into brutal rhythm structures and breakdowns. Taking inspiration from bands such as Within The Ruins, Conducting From The Grave, […]

Spitfireliar release insane new video for ‘Science’

SPITFIRELIAR GET SACRILEGIOUS  IN INSANE NEW VIDEO FOR ‘SCIENCE’ The latest video for brutal Brisbane doom punks Spitfireliar is here and to suggest it’s loose would be a criminal understatement. Featuring a smoking, skating, masochistic, ginger-haired Jesus who loves ’80s metal wind-milling with his cross, it’s suffice to say that the Brisbane four-piece is  intent on courting controversy with a sledge […]