It may have been a rainy night in old Sydney town, but that didn’t deter the cyco army heading out to catch the funk-metal supergroup Infectious Grooves. The current touring lineup is down here for a Aus show run bringing together Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir on vocals, Metallica’s Robert Trujillo on bass, and Jay Weinburg formally of Slipknot on drums. This powerhouse of talent promises a concert experience like no other.

The evening starts with a unique performance by the French rock-blues duo The Inspector Cluzo. This bass-less band delivers a soulful, funk-influenced explosion of classic rock intensity. Their high energy and unique sound set the stage for the rest of the night, and I highly recommend experiencing their live show.

Before Infectious Grooves comes on, we get a fun video catching us up on where the band members have been, including everyone’s anthropomorphic reptile Sarsippius Ark. When Infectious takes the stage, they let you know from the opening track that These Freaks Are Here To Party. From then on, nothing but funky and infectious grooves get the crowd moving. Mike’s relentless energy feeds the crowd as Roberts’s mastery of bass mesmerises. The set list is stacked with all the violent and funky tracks from the band’s catalogue. The highlight for me had to be the cover of David Bowie’s “Fame.”

The guys were having a blast up there on the stage. The crowd showed their love and support for the funk metal supergroup by moshing and crowd-surfing. The setlist closed out with the party anthem “Borracho” and “Infectious Grooves.” Still, the night wasn’t over just yet. After a short break, the band remerged as Suicidal Tendencies, now with Tye Trujillo on Bass. They let fly with “Subliminal.” Robert joins the band with “Send Me Your Money” and “Pledge Your Allegiance” and the night ends.

Infectious Grooves’ music truly is unique. The band can make your booty move, and they did just that tonight at the Roundhouse, closing out their Aus tour with a bang. Earlier in the set, Mike had told the crowd that they only had a short window to get the band out on tour, and they chose Australia because the band has a special connection with the land down under, and we, the fans, appreciate that.

Review – Chad Heard

Photos – Christian Ross

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