Sydney punk rock four-piece Molly & The Krells recently unveiled the music video for the fan favourite, “What Went Wrong“, and today the band are following it up with new single “Expectations“.

Similarly to “What Went Wrong”, the new track was recorded at Electric Sun Studios (NorthlaneBetween You & MeTonight Alive), engineered/produced by Stevie Knight and mixed & mastered by Dave Petrovic. “Expectations” is a song of growth and overcoming adversities that are found  within us all. 

Vocalist and lyricist Blake Cateris highlights that the song is about “the complexes we develop by comparing ourselves to others and the deflating clout that, like clockwork, hits at 3am making us question all the choices we’ve made in life up to this point. And how perhaps we haven’t lived up to the expectations of the people that mean the most to us.”

“Expectations” was written in an effort to counteract the negative and jaded feelings that accompany unrealistic expectations. The chorus offers an uplifting energy that represents finding ways to deal with destructive thoughts through healthy coping mechanisms. Cateris adds: “to me, that mechanism is music and the people I feel most comfortable around – my friends. Being able to hang out, laugh and listen to music is an amazing antidepressant for me and the one I chose to use as a shining example in the song.”

“Expectations” is out now and available on all streaming platforms and digital stores.

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