US progressive metalcore heavy hitters ERRA are revealing their new single and video, ‘House of Glass‘. Coming after recent single ‘Snowblood‘, the track offers another hint of what’s in store for ERRA come 2021.

‘House of Glass’ challenges tenured listeners with a curveball as one of ERRA’s most ambitious songs to date, with their reputation for technical riffs, genius musicianship and visceral lyrics are on full display. On the single, vocalist/guitarist Jesse Cash explains:

“The lyrics started as a mutation of two ideas; the first being the seemingly heightened sensationalism of suicide over the last few years; the second being partisan ideology paralleled with cult-like zeal. The concept of connecting these two ideas stemmed from my musing over how much depression and suicide could have at least in part been heightened by the polarisation of the 2016 election year and onward.”

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