Fresh from their first (and muddy) festival appearance at The Hills Are Alive, MID CITY are unleashing their debut EP Die Waiting onto the world today!

With hugely energetic singles “Old Habits”“Dead Broke Blues” and the recently released “No Surrender”, MID CITY don’t hold back in any area. The riffs are immediate, the drums and bass kick you right in the kisser and the choruses are anthemic. 

The EP was recorded with Oscar Dawson(HOLY HOLY, Ali Barter, Alex Lahey, British India).

Lead singer Joel Griffith talks through the recording process.
“We quietly named Oscar the “Studio Savant” for his ability to unify four differing opinions about a song and deftly steer us to what was actually a way better idea. He has a natural instinct for knowing what a song needs. For all our stubborn vision for the songs, we had a hard time faulting his left-turn suggestions.”

In May/June, MID CITY will be filling some big rooms with the sound of their EP in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, with some great mates. More details to come soon!

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