Auckland’s Crooked Royals just dropped their second single “Dissentients” featuring Veil of Maya‘s Lukas Magyar from their upcoming EP ‘Rumination‘, due out Friday April 19.

“Dissentients” is a track about changing ones environment if the current situation isn’t working. The song talks about not caving to the pressures of others and that people can’t change a person in to something that they’re not.

The video clip that accompanies the single is visually beautiful and is set against the stunning natural backdrops of New Zealand. The video shows each member of Crooked Royals playing their respective instruments at separate locations that boast the beauty of their home country in summer. Lukas Magyar features in the clip in a contrasting environment where snow is falling and winter is in full swing.

Crooked Royals brand new EP ‘Rumination’ will be released on Friday 19 April and can be pre-ordered now through iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets. Single “Dissentients” is out now.

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