The political urgency of Good Mourning, America provided a first glimpse into some of the themes and sounds that are explored in If I’m The Devil…and Reluctantly Dead further exemplifies the diverse pallet of sounds that letlive. incorporates on this record. The track soars to an anthemic chorus, steered by searing riffs and fuelled by impassioned vocals from Jason Aalon Butler.


Letlive. is a band that reflects humanity as a collection of emotional, frontal-lobe beings, and uses their ambition to ignite the same passion with their fans. Since it’s beginning, Letlive. has been a band that is not easy to categorise. In fact, they refuse to be constrained by the ideas of a “scene” – whether it is punk, metal, indie, or rap. However, should If I’m the Devil… necessitate a genre classification, one could posit it revolutionary counterculture music – a punk rock Run The Jewels, a more emotional Rage Against the Machine, and Public Enemy with more inclusive politics.

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