After 6 years of silence, interrupted only by a single released 3 years ago, the Brescia-based skate punk outfit Let Me In is back on track. The band has always been characterised by a fresh, melodic and energetic sound, and they seem to be in great shape!

The four piece is back with their new single “Right As Rain”, a song that brings out the strong points of Let Me In’s sound and at the same time renews a combination of electricity, feelings and melody that has always been the trademark of the band, but this time shifting the compositional focus to a new fresh, decisive, instinctive approach, with excellent results.

The band comments:
“Right As Rain represents our return after a forced absence of 6 years, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic to share it with anyone who wants to pay attention to it. It’s more urgent and immediate than our standards, perhaps because we’ve poured in it all our desire to get back to composing, sweating and communicating. It’s about the need question our lifestyle, the contrast between the desire to be free and the need to sell our time for material goods and a sense of security. We don’t even dare to give answers with this song, but we ask a few questions. That’s a good starting point”.

The single, which is available on all major digital platforms and presented with an official lyric video on Youtube, opens a new chapter in the history of the band, born in 2003 and followed by fans of the genre over the years, who were definitely missing the Italian punk rock band.

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