With singles WiLD4TheNight and Turn Me Loose already doing their thing, Dine Alone Records is happy to announce the release of k-os’ new album, Can’t Fly Without Gravity, on August 28.

WiLD4TheNight (EgoLand) explored k-os’ indigenous roots while the next single, Turn Me Loose, showed his shiny dance anthem side, and his recently released single, Steel Sharpens Steel, showcases his punk side. The sixth studio album will be available for pre-order via iTunes worldwide tomorrow. Fans that pre-order the album will have instant access to four tracks; “WiLD4TheNight (EgoLand)”, “Crucify”, “Turn Me Loose”, and “Steel Sharpens Steel”. Fans of physical artwork and music will also have access to physical album and merchandise bundles, available exclusively through k-os’ online store tomorrow. k-os and his band head out this summer to give you a taste of the live show – look for him at festivals across the country (tour dates below)!

Can’t Fly Without Gravity captures all of the different sides that make up k-os’ musical DNA. It’s an affirmation that “the forces which pull you down are simply put there to inspire you to rise above them” and promises to be a more stripped-down, holistic effort than its highly conceptual predecessor, 2012’s double-LP opus Black on Blonde. However, the rock-vs. rap dialectic at that album’s core still guides k-os on a more philosophical level: it’s not just a question of reconciling disparate musical styles, but of differing workflow strategies. To be k-os in 2015 is to find the happy medium between hip-hop’s penchant for rapid-fire releases and perpetual stylistic mutation with the more measured approach and timeless aspirations of rock ‘n’ roll artists—all while engineering his music for a post-EDM pop landscape that has not only changed listeners’ tastes, but their very physiology. Recent single, Turn Me Loose is a testament to this, blurring the lines of genre specific stylizations, instead exuding an unabashed confidence that has become such a staple aspect of his sound. Couple this with the new-age banger, Steel Sharpens Steel and the physiological shift in his musical progression is clear for all to see.

k-os’s insightful approach to music making has proven he is an artist with boundless limits, and certainly not one that appeases to fluctuating mainstream trends, in which his 2005 Grammy Nomination can attest. Over the span of his career, k-os has gone twice platinum, toured with a wide array of artists, recorded with The Chemical Brothers and won multiple JUNO awards. But that is nothing to how he has evolved with each new release.


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