The long-awaited 93 KFC Rotisserie Gold mix tape from Melbourne rapper Ivan Ooze has dropped after what has been an intense period of frenzied activity. While busying himself on a national tour with the legendary Wu-Tang Clan- which also included a studio session with Ghostface Killah- Ooze put the finishing touches on the mixtape which brings his breakneck flow into the spotlight and cements his place as part of the exciting new wave of Aussie hip hop.

Regarding the unusual name of the mixtape, Ooze explains, “I called the mixtape ’93 KFC Rotisserie Gold because back in 1993 KFC were the first ever fast food chain to advertise a rotisserie chicken in the world. It was basically a game changer in the fast food world. The chicken was known to be packed with a whole new flavour, left a customer satisfied yet still hungry for more and boosted their popularity.”

“Getting back to the mixtape,” he continued, “I feel like what I am doing and what I have accomplished (so far) in the Australian hip hop scene matches up quite well with how the chicken was received to the public. This mixtape has everything from vibin’ hip hop jams, melodic raps to deep messages and turn up trap with a little of everything in-between. I am over the moon that I can finally show everyone what I’ve been up doing since The Social Alien mixtape and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

Ivan Ooze’s new mixtape ’93 KFC Rotisserie GOLD is out now and available for download at:

Ivan OOze 93 KFC Rotisserie Gold

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