Howling’s new video for their latest single “Stole The Night” premiered today via MTV. It is the second single from Howling’s forthcoming album ‘Sacred Ground’, which is set for release Friday 1st May 2015 on Monkeytown and Counter Records through Inertia.

Watch the new video for “Stole The Night”

Howling is the exciting new collaboration between Australia’s Ry X from THE ACID and Frank Wiedemann one half of acclaimed Berlin techno-duo Âme. “Stole The Night” follows on from Howling’s first single “Signs”, another beautiful and hypnotic single from ‘Sacred Ground’, which takes both artists to someplace new altogether and stands for many things at once: collaboration, improvisation, simplicity and unexpected happenstance.

The video, directed by Dugan O’Neal, touches on a number of themes as explained by Ry X: “Dugan and I always set out to capture the emotional essence of imagery in connection to music,” he says,“In this ‘Stole The Night’ video we wanted to hold an open conversation about a few things…one was the concept of being ‘tamed’ by our current society… that we are all inherently wild and of the earth but are kept into belonging by the structures of our imposed ‘world’. What if some of us better suit the wild?”.

The second theme the video explores is the fragility of the human psyche, influenced heavily by Ry X’s personal experiences with his sister’s mental illness:“My sister is quite heavily ‘schizophrenic’ by medical world standards and has struggled, as has our family, with it for more than 15 years. Though I have reason of heart to believe ‘Mental Illness’ can change with our perceptions of it. It is shown in many indigenous cultures that when someone the western world might label as ‘mentally ill’ is instead supported by the community and given purpose and love, the ‘imbalances’ soften and there is connection to human spirit and heart. Holding the mind in a more stable place.”

“The video touches on a lot… but perhaps more than it needs to tell the exact story by narrative, it is the emotion of the struggle of what frees us, and what keeps us grounded. Of how relationship can serve and hinder. Of how our journey is not only of the realm in which we spend most of our time… in shopping malls and work places, but that also of nature, and even more so, that of the heart and mind.”

‘Sacred Ground’ is out Friday 1st May 2015 on Monkeytown and Counter Records through Inertia

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