GRAVE PLEASURES release video for Girl in A Vortex  Formed out of the debris of the band  Beastmilk – the band that had indie kids, goths, punks and the music press dancing to their highly praised debut album “Climax” in 2013 –Grave Pleasures are taking the concept of the apocalypse one step further. This time it’s personal.
Watch the video for Girl in A Vortex:

In May 2015, this impressive line-up entered the studio together with award-winning producer Tom Dalgety (Killing Joke, Royal Blood).The result is a complex and feverish set of modern rock songs. Urban tribal rhythms; potent melancholia; raw pop sensibility; irreverent ferociousness “Dreamcrash” is seductive in its surrealism one minute, and a cold shower of harsh reality the next.

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