Welcome to a Thursday night in Sydney and the sensational guitar rock n roll duo that is RSO ( Ritchie Sambora and Orianthi) has made its way To the Enmore Theatre. A large crowd has gathered down on the Enmore floor boards and above in the balcony some still wearing their Slippery When Wet Tour Shirts with absolute pride.

From the first drum beat kicking out thru the speakers the crowd roars out comes Orianthi looking amazing killing it shredding her guitar then out emerges Ritchie the crowd roars even more so. The tune there kicking out is the U2 and B.B King classic When Love Comes To Town a pretty fitting opening if you catch my meaning. Orianthi opens up the vocal duties Ritchie handles the chorus they would continue in such fashion thru out the rest of the set list.

Would it really surprise you dear reader to hear me say that these two artist were both absolutely amazing up there with there dazzling array of guitar skill. Ritchie a seasoned rock n roller who has been owning his skills and reputation since the 80’s, and Orianthi watching her play has me captivated she is super sexy and seeing her live watching her wield instrument the way she does leaves me with more then admiration it has me absolutely in ore of her.

If you weren’t sure on what to expect musically from these two then let me tell you straight up you get a set comprised of some Bon Jovi classics Livin On A Pray, Lay Your Hands On Me and I Will Be There For You. Orianthi churns out her songs Heaven in This Hell, How Do You Sleep but the crowd really responded to her biggest hit According to You and in this she really showed her talents as a Rock N Roll front women. Ritchie pulled out some originals as well with Every Road Leads You Home To You and Stranger In This Town which was real highlight as he displayed his sweet sounding blues side and got things real chilled. They closed out the set with a real unique version of Sonny and Cher’s I Got You Babe.

For an Encore Ritchie brings out the acoustic and plays for us his own Harlem Rain then he moves into a real sweet and soulful rendition of Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child, He promise to keep on playing till they turn the lights off the crowd cheer. All good things must come to an end to finish things off Ritchie grabs a double guitar and straight away you here the sweet opening chords to Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead Or Alive.

Review – Chad

Gallery – Christian Ross

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