Welcome to saturday night in Sydney and i am about to rock out to some belting tunes from Mississauga, Ontario natives Billy Talent who are currently on tour in Australia in support of their latest album Afraid Of Heights. The Metro is filled right up, some of us i think are little liquored up or perhaps its just me, either way we are hungry and ready for some live music and we just can’t wait any more.

Stage lights dim, out walks the band looking some what very smart in there stylised sort of coloured co- ordinated wardrobe of black and red. There is no messing around things kick off with Devil In a Midnight Mass straight after its Big Red Gun. Musically they are amazing pretty much fast hard rock and fill in drummer Jordan Hastings from Alexisonfire is a perfect fit for the band.

The 20 track set is list everything fans could have hoped for,at one point early in the set front man Ben apologizes for stopping the music for some typical rock and roll banter with the crowd but he really loves it down here with us Aussies and if we don’t mind they intend to play all night and they just about did. Filling up the set list were anthems like Rusted from The Rain, Surrender and River Below. new track Louder Then The Dj went over well but for me and the crowd a highlight had to be Pins And Needles it is actually rare to hear them play it live we took every opportunity to sing along so proudly ‘I’m walking on Pins and Needles’. The mosh would be going on strong all nightlong and it was on finishing track Devil On My Shoulder that we moshed our hardest.

Sydney really didn’t haft to do much to coax them back out on stage even after the 17 strong setlist they waste no time heading back out to give us some more. The Encore starts off with Try Honesty then Falling Leaves, these hits come from there first two albums and it is so great to see so much love coming from the crowd even after all these years. Ben leaves us with a message of hope and thanks before they finish off the incredible set with Viking Death March.

Review – Chad

Photo Gallery – Christian Ross

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