After blowing away crowds with their dynamic and heart stopping shows on Soundwave 2015, Finnish classical-metal maestros Apocalyptica will be returning for a Headline tour this September!

Sydney progressive post-rock proponents, We Lost The Sea are special guests for all shows nationwide. The six-piece combine post-rock atmospherics, with unique melodies and envelope them in a crushing wall of sound to create emotive, breath-taking and striking music. Music filled with endless tension and release moments, soaring highs and devastating lows. They juxtapose the mellow with the heavy seamlessly and captivate all who witness their highly praised live performances. We Lost The Sea are the perfect appetiser to the apocalyptic main course.

In Perth, This Other Eden will open the show with their blend of rock, punk and pop that is full of hooks, memorable verses and even catchier choruses.

Continuing their stratospheric rise as one of Australia’s top heavy bands, Sydonia will open for their home town crowd in Melbourne. soulful, haunting, complex and symphonic, Sydonia have been praised industry wide from the top down.

One of Sydney’s more inventive bands, Hemina will grace the Metro stage with 4 part vocal harmonies, that blend organically with their prog-rock proficiency & crushing djent groove to create something truly unique.

Brisbane’s Awaken Solace will bring their brooding fusion of melancholic beauty and intensely orchestrated metal to an evening already brimming with highly emotive sonics. Having played with Apocalyptica before, their addition to the night will be familiar to some but also welcoming to newcomers.

From bow-eviscerating speed to sprawling, spine-shivering waves of sound, Apocalyptica’s sonic palette is as rich as it is diverse: New album Shadowmaker is full-to-bursting with killer choruses, deliciously dark overtones and some good old fashioned pedal-to-the-floor speed metal pace.

Prepare yourself for a night at the opera like no other. From windmills & riffage to tear jerking pin-drop moments and incredible feats of musicianship that will leave you speechless. You will be absolutely in awe of the sheer power emanating from the stage.

Wednesday, September 21: Capitol, Perth
with We Lost The Sea & This Other Eden
Friday, September 23: Prince Of Wales, Melbourne
with We Lost The Sea & Sydonia
Saturday, September 24: Metro, Sydney
with We Lost The Sea & Hemina
Sunday, September 25: Max Watts. Brisbane
with We Lost The Sea & Awaken Solace


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