Ball Park Music have released a new single and video for ‘Day and Age’. The music video was shot on May 23rd 2020, Brisbane’s coldest May day in almost a century hitting a low 11°C. Directed by Nick Maguire (Jungle Giants, Last Dinosaurs), Sam spent the entire day swimming in Fortitude Valley’s outside public pool full of icy adrenaline to get the clip done. Below is a video and a letter from frontman Sam Cromack on inspiration for the song.

“There’s only one thing more boring than listening to other people’s dreams, and that’s listening to their problems.” – Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4.
And so it is that I evolve from telling you about my problems to telling you about my dreams. For months I jotted down anything I could recall, believing that perhaps our dreams did indeed possess some sacred power. Verse after verse stretched on – more than I could ever need or want for one little song. The words seemed to arrange themselves. Some were put to pasture while others found themselves a permanent place to cosy up within the bars of this song.
It never asked much of me. It never asked me to veer off the path and see what else was around. Never forced me to sit at the blank page fretting. At first it was just a dot in a wobbling horizon. In time, it rode its bike through the quiet main street of my mind and threw the newspaper right at my head. And I just said, ’Thank You’.” – Sam Cromack 

“Day & Age”  – OUT NOW, STREAM HERE 
Ball Park Music – Out sometime in 2020

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