Connecticut band CURRENTS have released their second album The Way It Ends today. Available here –

When writing, recording and conceptualising this record over the course of 2019, we never could have imagined the events leading up to today,” the band says. “In this time of confusion, anger, and disappointment, it is important that we all take time to reflect on the part we’ve played in the state of our world right now but to also take solace in the love and kinship of those around us, while looking toward the future with promise and positivity.
Currents continues, “With that being said, there was talk of pushing this record back, but we felt it would be dishonest to the nature of our band and to our fans and friends. There is no better time to connect with those we love and those who share common interests and goals. Now is the time to push through adversity and be consumed by things that excite us and give us hope. The Way It Ends represents our ambition and excitement for a time when all of this darkness is behind us. This record has been our everything since its inception and we are unbelievably excited to share it with you today. Before we leave the void, we must face it head on…

The Way It Ends is the thematic and spiritual successor to Currents’ dense, bludgeoning, and smartly constructed full-length debut, The Place I Feel Safest (2017), and a direct follow-up to the blistering and diverse EP, I Let The Devil In (2018).

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