Yours And Owls have released a statement below regarding the future of the festival an announce new dates for 2021.

Life in a time of global pandemic eh, what a ride!

In a dream world, this week, we would be announcing our dates for Yours & Owls 2020 for the October long weekend as we have done for the past few years.

In the real world, with this much uncertainty and so many unknowns, we have decided to move our dates to 
January 23 and 24, 2021 to give us a more realistic chance of the festival going ahead.   

So essentially you will still get Yours & Owls 2020, just four months later than expected!

Yours And Owls are conscious of the costs that come along with planning to attend our festival and the amount of organisation you all put in to come and spend the weekend with them. We want to ensure we plan the festival at a date that gives it the best chance of actually happening.

With the current situation, we are all in, we don’t feel in any way confident that will be a possibility in early October.

So, book it in kids, we can’t wait to see you all back at Stuart Park in the Gong shakin’ your booty to Australia’s finest whilst soaking up the ocean air!

Our line-up is locked and loaded and will be dropping soon, subscribe to the newsletter  and follow our socials to be the first to know.

Stay safe, see you on the flip side of social distancing!

Yours and Owls xx

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