It has been an enduring two years since Brisbane band Young Lions have released new material but the wait is no more. The three-piece have released their debut single ‘Burn The Money’. The single, which is taken from the soon to be released third studio album, is aptly titled given the band have given the track away for free to fans for the week ahead of its official release to iTunes packaged with a second single released today!

‘Burn The Money’ is just a taste of what’s to come of the band’s third studio album which is set for release in the early second half of 2017. The single’s theme is exactly as the title suggests. “It is built into the Young Lions story as a group of militia in the not too distant future succeed in a plan laced with anarchy and fueled by passion to burn all the worlds’ bank records and cash deposits,” says singer Zach Britt. “The themes for the song and story alike are derived from the world’s financial situation with the 1% sitting at the top of the food chain, what would it be like in a world without money? The song intertwines experiences of the young, trying to get by and make a living and keep their dreams intact as the chorus just demands for change, for the people to rise up and move in the direction of freedom”.

For the past week, fans have been able to – and still can – download the single for free at but can, today (Friday March 24), purchase the single on iTunes and other digital stores and streaming sites where the band have also packaged it with a double A-Side featuring the track ‘Destroy Me’. The band will also launch the single with two exclusive shows in Brisbane and Melbourne this weekend.

“’Destroy Me’ is a story of ego,” explains Britt. “Trying to let it go but eventually having to consign to something bigger than yourself to help you escape it. The reality of trying to stay on top of egotistical shit day to day in the music industry is something close to my heart and I’m sure a lot of people across the board have battles with this kind of stuff all the time…if you’d care to admit it”.




Single launch dates are:

Friday March 24: Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane, QLD (18+)
With Twin Haus & Flat Bickie or at the door

Saturay March 25: “Bang” @ Royal Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne, VIC (18+)
With Maefire, Deadlights & In Search of Symmetry
Tickets available at the door only

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