Totally Unicorn have released their cacophonous new single “Prized Pig” out into the wild today, along with a brand new video filmed at their secret truck show in Sydney. They’ve also just launched The Totally Unicorn ‘Sorry’ Hotline where you can call / text frontman Drew Gardner for a chat about absolutely anything, whenever you like. Seriously. 

There’s not many bands who’d wrap a truck in rainbow tinsel and streamers then park it in a random Sydney alleyway to perform their new album in full – but then there’s Totally Unicorn, and they did just that.

On a stormy February afternoon, Totally Unicorn delivered their brand new album Sorry (set for release on April 12 via The Farmer & The Owl) in its entirety to congregation of soaked magical animal worshippers. Adorned in tie-dye double denim, Totally Unicorn delivered a wild performance of their new single “Prized Pig” – a jagged riff monster that serves as a not-so-subtle middle finger to body shamers and unsolicited opinions about how someone looks.

For Drew, “Prized Pig” is a reminder for people to keep their nasty jabs about his body to themselves: “I don’t think a day goes by whether it be at work or even just in social situations that some kind of comment will be said about my weight and how I look. These comments used to have a huge effect on me a couple of years ago and I would get so depressed about the way I looked. I know it’s hard to believe when I do what I do on stage… but even then people heckle me about my weight from the crowd (which blows my mind that individuals can do this at a show). I think finally I just got to the point where I was like, “fuck these people! Who cares what they think”. Prized Pig is a fuck you to those people.”


Do you need help navigating through life’s biggest questions? Got a burning desire to speak to someone about your shitty day? The Totally Unicorn ‘Sorry’ Hotline is officially open for business. Totally Unicorn is listening and ready to talk wherever and whenever you like (except when Drew’s at his mum’s for dinner or in an Uber ‘cause he wants 5 stars).

The Totally Unicorn ‘Sorry’ Hotline is open for anyone and everyone! All you need to do is call 0423 551 652 and talk. Or, if you would like Drew to do the talking, that’s fine too. Pick from hot topics like tomato sauce in the fridge or cupboard? What should I wear today? (The answers always tie dye.) What should I name my baby? Or, if you’re feeling extra saucy, you can even ask questions about their new album Sorry.

Don’t like speaking on the phone? Not a worry – text the word “Sorry” to 0423 551 652 to receive a personalised video of Drew singing one of the songs from Sorry

So let your fingers do the walking and keep up to date with all things Totally Unicorn.

Call or text 0423 551 652 now!

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