Australian hardcore punk act THE OWEN GUNS recently released their first single & video ‘F**k Cyclists’.

Now THE OWEN GUNS are back with a new single ‘It’s Too Late’‘It’s Too Late’ is a furious and frenzied 2-minute punk anthem and it delivers with a true 70’s punk attitude. THE OWEN GUNS are relentless, they exude the intensity of genuine punk rock and they are not going to let anyone forget about where the true roots of the genre came from. 

Previous single ‘F**k Cyclists’ is a short blast of punk rock born out of the frustration of frequently being stuck behind cyclists on narrow country roads. Straight to the point, it pulls no punches.  THE OWEN GUNS would like to point out that they don’t condone acts of violence towards those Lycra clad irritants, no matter how tempting.

Stream/buy ‘It’s Too Late’HERE

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