The Motion Below are back to finish what they started with “Truth Hurts“, part two of their mini music series that encapsulates the inner turmoil of a man lost within himself and ultimate descent into madness.

“Truth Hurts” premiered on triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud on Wednesday and demonstrates the contrasting soaring vocals and fearsome raw vocals that have earned the band praise from triple j staff on their Unearthed page. The track meanders its way through angry verses to quiet interludes that narrate the dark thoughts of the protagonist. “Truth Hurts” is part 2 of 2, following the release of the previous single “Dead Ends“. The new track carries the same themes as the last, exploring the cycles of addiction and paranoia but with far heavier instrumentation to encapsulate the feeling of a descent into madness.

Part one of the video duo, “Dead Ends”, quickly scored airplay on triple j‘s as well as Unearthed’s TOPS, with numerous positive reviews to boot and an add to Spotify editorial playlist Homegrown + Heavy.

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