This Sunday, you get to hear a chat with my old gigs-buddies Millencolin! I’ve been bumping into these Swedish skate punk dudes for probably 15 years, although they’ve been coming to Australia for even longer. March ’96 was their first time, as guitarist (and record-holding drag car racer) Mathias Färm specifically remembers: “We flew in to Sydney and then drove to Adelaide the first night. It took us 16 hours. It was horrible. They said “Okay, let’s go to Adelaide, it’s around the corner, it’s gonna take us a couple of hours… we drove the whole night. But it was fun.”

They’ve had 17 years since to navigate our sunburned land and on this, Millencolin’s second Soundwave, they’re keen for more great memories: “We’re kind of used to big festivals here in Europe, we have a lot of them; but Soundwave was probably the first festival we encountered out of Europe that was really really good. The whole atmosphere was amazing. You always tend to meet bands that you know from before, ’cause we’ve been around for a while, so you get to know bands you don’t meet so often. I’m looking forward to hanging out; it’s gonna be a blast.”

And the big news, since Millencolin haven’t released a record since 2008. So what about the new album, Mathias?
“It’s kind of finished.”

Hooray! Find out as much information about that new record (and Mathias’ drag car racing) as I could squeeze out of this secretive Swede on Sunday evening.

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