New Jersey punk legends, The Bouncing Souls, have announced that they’ve joined the Pure Noise Records roster, and to mark the occasion the band have shared a brand new song World On Fire.

World On Fire offers a taste of what’s to come for the long-running band. The Bouncing Souls have always excelled at bringing classic power pop and rock & roll influences to their energetic punk foundation, and the new single effortlessly nods to stripped down, timeless songwriting while providing the kind of soaring chorus that fans of the band have come to know and love.

Guitarist Pete Steinkopf discussed the new song, saying, “We were in the studio when the pandemic was just beginning to get a head of steam. There were so many question marks and no one really knew what was going on, this song came out of that moment. It came out of the question marks and the not knowing. This is a song to acknowledge how upside down the world seems to be in these times, and it’s a song about keeping the light in sight.”

Last year The Bouncing Souls celebrated their 30th anniversary as a band with the release of the Crucial Moments EP proving once again why they’re one of the most respected and beloved bands in punk rock.

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