It’s a well-trodden path… guy mucks around on his computer, puts together some beats and becomes the next music industry wunderkind. Rarely though does the ambition and lofty musical goals match an end product as beguiling and accomplished as Dead Language. Sydney producer Dominic Price began creating in his bedroom, exploring the breadth of instrumentation and creating a ‘baroque disco’ aimed at the art of communication.

Majoring in linguistics (the inspiration for his project name ‘Dead Language’), Price has taken his fascination with communication to the musical field, using melody and lyric to create his own genre-bending discourse with his increasing band of listeners.

With spins on FBI of his first demos and an increasing live following, Dead Language is reaching out of the shadows and making a statement with his first single ‘Stockholm’. An electro-pop, rock and 80s-influenced explosion, the track hints at elements of Patrick Wolf, Midnight Juggernauts and even Electric Light Orchestra

“This particular song was borne from a really tough time in my life. Put simply, it’s about depression,” said Price. “I was feeling super stagnated, as if I couldn’t move any further and had trapped myself. It really was like Stockholm syndrome. I was my own worst enemy yet the only one who could understand what I was experiencing.”

With an epic dance-ability, the party vibes belie the true narrative of the song, creating multiple layers ready for those that want more than just a casual listen to explore. There’s much to discover in the both the music and lyrics to ensure that the fascination with Dead Language has only just begun. On ‘Stockholm’, Dead Language twists his musical toolkit into something that’s very much alive.


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